We are each of us an island
Each of us a world on our own.
When night comes to the ocean
It’s dark, quiet and lone.

Then, when a saddening wind
Passes through my land,
I hold my breath and realise
It has also touched your hand.

It has also made you lonely,
It has also kept you awake.
On other nights like this
There has been silent heartbreak.

We have waited in the darkness
For morning to arrive,
New days have come and gone
But we’ve not felt more alive.

Have you heard the waves outside?
Or the rain beside the window?
Have they soothed you to sleep?
Or was the dawn too slow?

I have been there, my friend,
Scared, the same way as you.
Lost, uncertain and restless,
‘Cause I’m an island too.

When it’s too dark to see each other,
The waters look deep and endless,
Hang on there and you’ll find
Your worries may worry you less.

Trying to stay afloat
We steal a glance at each other,
The wind – it’s not a wind –
A sigh of sympathy rather.



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