Chosen to be single, have you?
How are you coping?
Times aren’t too difficult
Not too hard – I’m hoping.


Batchmates have tied the knot
Engaged at the least;
You’ve so far got away with
Gorging at the feast.


Hither-thither, now and then
Arrives a cute baby.
When asked about your plans:
“Definitely, may be…”


Are your parents on the brink
Of giving up hope?
Do they tend to sound tragic?
Do they tend to mope?


“Won’t we order wedding cards?”
Do they love to ask?
“How can we rest until
We complete this task?”


Or has it become worse?
Are the friends no better?
“Tragic story? Secret love?
What is the matter?”


Admire the wedding photos
Smile at the child,
Be coldly outspoken
Or tactfully mild.


Tell the friends: “Just because
You’ve signed the deal,
Don’t try to drag me down.
I know how you feel.”


Tell the parents to relax;
Surely they know?
Marriage is no joking matter.
Life-changing. So…


Is it a good idea to
Get married in haste?
Repent at leisure and
Let life be a waste?


While they find a good answer
You must disappear.
Crude, but this works, I know.
Experience, my dear.




(Image borrowed and edited from Garfield’s official website. No copyright infringement intended.)


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