Jobs, jobs in every site:

None of them for me.

No, dear auto sender, it’s

Not the right vacancy.


Never heard of these people

No brand value they got;

I don’t know on what basis you

Call this employer “hot”.


This one may not be so bad

May send a CV here,

But turned out we want different things

No merger then, I fear.


“If only you’d move to this

Or that city, you’ll find

Jobs grow there on trees, but you

Won’t shift, so never mind.


“If only you’d agree to

Do something other than

Whatever you would like to do

Life would be easy, man!


“You’d love to shift to country Dash

Try something different there?

But darling, that needs work visa

You’ll get that how and where?”


I see my problem, I have been

Too difficult – choosy!

Good to work at what bores you

That way, you’re not lazy.


Location I won’t bother with

Send me to mountains high

Close to zero CTC?

’Accept without a sigh.


Brand name is for snobbish folk

Who wants a decent boss?

I’ll jump and grab, I promise, the

Next job I run across.


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