It’s Agatha Christie’s birthday today! And of course, I am (re)reading one of her books. So what can be a better occasion to quickly make up and upload the second Christie Crossword (the 6-7-8-11 one) I have been planning ever since the first instalment? Happy birthday to her, and good luck to you!



2: At whose hotel did Miss Marple find a case? (7)
5: Approaching zero. (7)
7: It “crack’d”, mind you, not “cracked” (6)
8: How do thumbs signal evil? (8)
9: Address unknown (11)
13: Wherein hides the peril? (8)
14: Poirot solves a murder at express speed (6)
15: His last case (7)
16: Very unlikely place to find a corpse, unless it’s a whodunnit
1: Dash dash the pigeons (8)
3: She’s dead (7)
4: One of the most famous victims of Christie, thanks to the unusual narrative voice (7)
6: Time and place has been fixed. Death will come (11)
10: A Marple case. Inescapable (7)
11: Tommy and Tuppence, the couple in crime (8)
12: After death you have this. After this, you have Poirot (7)


And here is the solution:



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