Get, set, gorge!





1. Little balls of choux pastry filled with crème pat. (Gosh, how knowledgeable that sounds!)
2. If you take away the accent on the last letter of this word, it also means ‘the low sound heard through a stethoscope’!
6. The fairer sibling of the very popular gooey, fudgy, chocolatey dessert.
8. It’s got a chart named after it.
9. Lime is the ___ ingredient of this pie
10. Muffins decide to dress up.
11. When a cuppa and a bite come together…
13. Think almond, think jam, think a town in Derbyshire


1. Brit informal abbrev for these sweet things
2. Scottish, buttery, occasionally millionaires
3. Take 1 across and make it long
4. There’s a New York version, there’s a Philadelphia version
5. Starts airy and ends up crisp
6. When a fruit and a sweet join hands to make a pie
7. Red. ‘Nuff said.
12. What’s common between Snoopy, Brazil and crazy?


And the result…




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