You know the ones

Who’s so much the funs

The ‘anything goes’ abiders.


They know what’s best

To hell with the rest;

I call them Little Deriders.


’Cause anything good

Can become the food

For ridicule at their hands;


Mean is ‘in’,

Decorum’s sin;

Nobody else understands –


What they realise.

They see through the guise

Of the old fool – ‘decency’;


Filth they’ll find

In theme of any kind,

The muck they’ll always see.


And oh! The delight

They feel at the sight

Of all that glorious muck!


Of anything nice

They’ll take a slice

And out the sweetness suck.


You like the Bard?

Well, he’s a retard.

Have you not heard that joke?


Sex or shit…

(That’s usually it.)

Anyway, he’s a worthless bloke.


You believe in – what?

Oh god, not that?

But that’s a complete sham!


They’ll tell you why

You’ve got to be high

To trust that obvious scam.


You believe in A?

Bi or gay?

The dirty version they’ll know.


You admire B?

Now, let us see…

How did that loo joke go?


It’s transparent

The way they’re bent:

Offence the best defence;


They’ll show you the way

To live your day,

Or how to live life hence;


Strongly support

What they purport,

Or you are a pathetic fool.


’Cause you can’t deny

Even if you sigh

That they’re oh-no-so-cool!











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