After venting mid-week about tests (of patience), I return gladly to tastes of… well, go on, find out. Bon appétit!

cake crossword2a


1. Take a bite of this and it may appear on your device (5)
2. No time to savour different things? Mix ’em together and drink it (8)
4. Italian, creamy, inverted. (10)
5. Explosion of chocolate on the plate. (4)
6. Many kinds of this; the Swiss one’s particularly popular. (4)
8. It’s the date that makes the pudding so. (6)
11. The key ingredient of marzipan (6)
12. The guise chocolate takes in Easter (4)
14. Difficult to believe that something so healthy can be turned into something as delicious as flapjacks (4)
16. Draw a square. Now divide it into four equal squares. The diagonally opposite smaller squares should be the same. You see where I am going? A town in Germany. (10)
17. The first five letters is an ingredient involved in making this. The last three is another ingredient, but usually absent. (8)
18. Creamy, gooey, sinful. (5)

1. An leg. A glen. A food cake. (5)
2. So popular a kind of cake that a queen lent it her name (6)
3. Three layers? Three kinds of milk? Both? Sorry, I am a bit confused, but milk seems to be the keyword here. (10)
4. Wiki says this is named after a Russian ballerina. Another clue is in the 5 down of the first instalment (7)
6. The first 5 is actually a kind of the last 5. Typically white. Typically accompanies fruit cakes. (10)
7. The pie version of this is also a book by PG Wodehouse. (And so happy I am to have been able to bring him in to this!) (4)
9. What it really means is a milk product. The fruit version, however, doesn’t use it but can be more delicious. No? Alright, it’s hidden in the product. (4)
10. Think Christmas. Think trees. Think chocolate. (7)
13. Can mean a number of things, but the Scottish version is the sweetest (6)
15. Comes in so many kinds that it’s difficult to know whether I should mention the savoury or the sweet, the tomato or the caramel… (5)



And finally, what I’ve been talking about:

cake crossword2b


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