(No, this and the previous post are not part of a series of architectural poems!)


I sat beside the window

Watching the world pass by,

And the world has passed me by.


I sat and watched

The wondrous world…

I looked far; I looked high.


So much I planned

To join the stream

To join yet stand apart;


Such glorious dreams

So many a path

Took shape and filled my heart.


The room within

I never would see

It’s there and me in it;


It will be here

But the world’s changing

Can’t afford to miss a bit.


Such long neglect

My humble room

Such dusty corners now;


Warm it may be

But it’s no beauty

I see today why and how.


I watched the world

I dreamed the world

I turned my face away;


What’s always here

Will always be

One after another day.


I had stepped out

I tried to hold

I tried to grasp and catch;


In the big busy world

In the land of dreams

For me there’s nary a patch.


See, all my friends

And all I loved

Have been so wise and good;


They tidied rooms

And packed their bags

The rules they understood.


When I caught a glimpse

I felt so thrilled

I thought I saw it all;


Not just pride

But love and trust

Can come before a fall.


This day, the world

Turns back at me.

Is that pity or scorn?


“You just don’t see

Till you bump your head

My dear, when were you born?”


What should I say?

Excuse? Sorry?

Should I move or step back?


My history seems

Milestones of loss

And even before – a lack.


Excuse me, world

If I retreat

To my neglected room;


My absence won’t

Leave any big gap

I believe I rightly presume.


This is my room

Let’s look at it

Let’s see it closely now;


The dark corners…

Whose voice is that?

Some voice I didn’t allow?


Poor old room,

Now here I am

Now here I sit with you;


The window’s closed

The world may pass

But we must start anew.


Not too late,

It’s not too tough

Let there be struggle or strife;


We’ll clean you up

We’ll bring in light

Got the rest of our life.


(Image: pixabay)


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