Figure in the Mist: A Translation



Why did you have to…?

I thought I’d ask.

I’d come out of the mist

I was always there

Waiting – to ‘catch’ you

To stop you in your tracks

And ask – why that?


Then I step back

I let you walk on

I hide into the mist once again.


For I can’t let you think

All this infinite time

I stood waiting in the mist.

There are nights when I think

The one thing that can and should be said

Is that always, and, well…

There are days when – phew!

I thank god for Never

Never will be said the inane words.


I have asked She-who-knows

For your sleepless nights

Let him not sleep, Mother; once

May he court sleep

And get only my name

Like a blot in the landscape

That wouldn’t disappear

For all my sleeplessness, just one.


In the same breath

My ever-coward self

Shakes a warning head to kind eyes.

I believe in you, Mother

So don’t listen to me.

May my shadow not fall on anyone.

He didn’t ask, Mother

He didn’t ask for me.

Bless him; save him from my reach.


Why did you have to…?

I think I’d ask.

But then I think, no, why should I?

Why give you a chance

To ‘explain yourself’

To try to pretend, as if to undo…

Let it stay here

Let the story halt

At I love you and you killed me.


Image: pixabay