Animation Films Crossword

Merry Christmas!





2: How Nemo and Dory keep us busy (7)

6: Can you believe that they have a university as well as an incorporation? (8)

12: Destination of an unlikely but really enthusiastic police officer (8)

13: Think blue, yellow and glasses (7)


1: A leonine adaption of Hamlet? (4)

3: Out now – Hollywood’s take on psychoanalysis (6)

4: They came, they melted, they dawned, they drifted and they collided (6)

5: What do they do home alone? (4)

6: The latest of the lot, following in the footsteps of Brave (5)

7: Cuddliest warrior ever (5)

8: If you have one of these, then you’ll really need a training manual (6)

9: But it may melt your heart (6)

10: You’ve seen it in 2016, but it started as a ____ as long ago as 1894 (4)

11: A scientist’s daughter enters the world of tiny creatures who protect the forest (4)





Clipart: pixabay



When Prince Charming

With swag disarming

Got near the enchanted castle;


Oh no, oh hell!

Where’s the bombshell?

The girl he saw had ‘muscle’!


He’d, in his mind,

Pictured his find:

A pretty if revealing frock;


A face to launch ships

Fair to the fingertips…

The fellow got a nasty shock.


She was very much awake –

Was the promise a fake?

The promise of a sleeping one?


And beauty? Oh dear!

A cold, creeping fear

To clutch his heart had begun.


Shorts and shirt,

Smeared with dirt;

Skin of coffee bean colour;


Not even supine;

She looked quite fine;

He felt hot under the collar.


Size zero? Not she.

Manner: dreadfully free

Tall of height, short-cropped hair;


Didn’t swoon or gasp,

But tightening her grasp

On a stick, she gave him a glare.


Then he got it, phew!

“Not the princess, are you?”

He asked with hope and relief;


What ensued then

Isn’t flattering to men

So I’ll keep the story but brief.


Overstate they may,

But people do say

The prince didn’t fare very well;


Believe it or not,

When the chase turned hot,

He was said to have fled pell-mell.


The Princess, we gather –

For it was her, none other –

Advised in a calm, grave manner;


To go on his way

As ‘twas clear as day

That he needed more saving than her.


But when he took offence

And as a weak defence

Cited her womanly duty;


She hit him where it hurt;

His tears did start

“Oh, you ain’t no sleeping beauty!


“Mend your ways;

Don’t waste your days.

You need a man to tell you how to live.”


How she answered then

Is too outrageous to pen

‘Twas very like a woman, I believe.


Such is the tale

Of the forbidding female

Most unbeautiful, non-charming;


Details, if you must:

She was free, brave and just;

Altogether really alarming.


So if you have a plan

To save a Hapless Woman

You know where you should not go;


The Disenchanted Land

Where the prince was beaten and –

Fatally punctured his ego.


Image: pixabay