Merry Christmas!





2: How Nemo and Dory keep us busy (7)

6: Can you believe that they have a university as well as an incorporation? (8)

12: Destination of an unlikely but really enthusiastic police officer (8)

13: Think blue, yellow and glasses (7)


1: A leonine adaption of Hamlet? (4)

3: Out now – Hollywood’s take on psychoanalysis (6)

4: They came, they melted, they dawned, they drifted and they collided (6)

5: What do they do home alone? (4)

6: The latest of the lot, following in the footsteps of Brave (5)

7: Cuddliest warrior ever (5)

8: If you have one of these, then you’ll really need a training manual (6)

9: But it may melt your heart (6)

10: You’ve seen it in 2016, but it started as a ____ as long ago as 1894 (4)

11: A scientist’s daughter enters the world of tiny creatures who protect the forest (4)





Clipart: pixabay


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