Songs of Insomnia

Sleep, my dear, come back now.

The nights have become long.

My eyes burn and I miss you much

Trust me, nothing’s so wrong.


Don’t run when it gets tricky

Are you a fair-weather friend?

We can’t stop, can’t turn back

Who knows what’s around the bend?


Laugh if the joke’s on us

We’ll cry when we are alone

Some of the slippery paths

We must tread on our own.


Life’s a game of cards

And you are on my team

Let’s see what hand we have

Am betting a hope and a dream.


Look Around You

Squirrels in my garden,

Sparrows on my roof,

Cat dozing on my steps,

A wag of the tail, a woof!


Peeping through the window

A crow that wants a bite,

Tabby on a leisurely stroll,

Dogs who love a fight.


Lovely, majestic pigeons

Soft and timid and slow,

Fly up, flutter the wings

And put up quite a show.


Trying to cross busy roads

Cows with liquid eyes,

Goats so gentle and ‘stupid’

Looking on with patient sighs.


From the myna, magpie-robins

To the horses’ haggard existence,

The city would be a jungle

But for their graceful presence.