The Corridor

I am going to let myself

Dream the good dreams:


I am walking down a corridor

Lined with doors.

I pass them by

And then come to you –

The door to your room.

Many bubbles out of one;

So the dream divides…


Maybe you are so eager to see me

That even while I’m walking

The door opens and you come out and we see each other

And smile and grin and laugh

And I walk a little quicker.


Or maybe you’re inside

But again, waiting; wanting to see me

And I knock

After a fleeting pause…

When I go in

You’re right there;

Your seat by the window

Glad to see me; really glad.

And we’re laughing already;

We’d been joking in our minds even before we set eyes on each other.

And then another amazing thing happens


You hold out your hand for mine.

I take it.

Technicolor embrace.

Not too deep, not too intense

For I’m in the mood to walk on clouds.

Just holding each other

And laughing at being together.

End of dream.


Can you believe how long the corridor was

That I had to walk before

I could allow myself to see this?